Monday, June 26, 2017

Albany firm expands its Plattsburgh Butcher Block

Inside the new Butcher Block Tavern room. (photo provided)
The Butcher Block restaurant in Plattsburgh, which used to have a Colonie sibling until owner White Management Corp. of Albany shuttered it, certainly isn't going away. In fact, it has enlarged and expanded its bar area so much that the space now has its own name.

The new Butcher Block Tavern takes up most of the eastern side of the restaurant that used to be home to a solarium dining area, a feature both Butcher Blocks once shared. The change marks the end of a 42-year-old design.

Curiously, when White Management closed its 28-year-old Butcher Block in Colonie in 2010 to retool and reopen it as Central Steak, one of the main changes was elimination of the solarium dining room. Less than two years later, it went out of business.

The Plattsburgh changes were made to target millenials and older college students and their adult visitora at SUNY Plattsburgh, as well as people coming to town to take advantage of numerous activities connected with the Lake Champlain waterfront.  

The renovated section has a bar featuring regular, tall and low-rise tables, the latter paired with with lounge-style chairs. It also has three mixology stations to allow multiple bartenders to maneuver, and has added eight new taps, for a total of 20, with 12 reserved for craft beers. New hanging light fixtures augment the window wall of the solarium. A tavern menu has been created for the new space.

The original bar, which was built by owner David White's father, Frank White, now hangs above the bar area with the words "A Chip Off the Old" carved in it. The Butcher Block, located just off I-87 at 15 Booth Drive, was opened in  1975.

White Management, which closed a spate of restaurants several years ago, today also owns the Log Jam in Lake George, Mangia in Slingerlands, and Bountiful Bread in Guilderland,

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