Thursday, June 15, 2017

Black frozen yogurt comes to the region from Ayelada

Mmm, that's yogurt!
When you already have put 110 different flavors in your frozen yogurt "flavor vault," it might be tough to keep the inventive flow going. Unless you are Jim Cervone.

The owner of the Ayelada yogurt shops has just introduced a black frozen yogurt called Coconut Ash at his two locations:  in Plaza 7 at 1210 Troy Schenectady Road in Latham, and in St. Luke's Square at 505 East Street in Pittsfield, MA,

You read it correctly. Black yogurt. Black ice cream has popped up at a few places around the country in the past year or so, but black yogurt not so much. Cervone describes his product as "very Goth, very cool, very Ayelada," reflective of his  desire to combine innovative riffs and standard ingredients.

The new offering begins, as do all of Ayelada's flavors, as a mix of the original recipe — milk, sugar, yogurt and yogurt powder, with one or more flavored pastes and/or fruit added. Coconut Ash uses that recipe plus coconut puree and food grade ash.

About all those other flavors: Not all are available at both Ayedala shops. Go to the to "flavor vault" find out what's sold where.
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