Thursday, June 15, 2017

Brief kerfuffle over BBQ restaurant's pig mascot

Here's one silly controversy I hope quickly evaporates.

It seems that Joe Kelley, owner of the new barbecue restaurant Busty's Brew & BBQ in the Washington County village of Whitehall, has a problem with his "mascot," a cartoon pig. Well, a problem because a few other people apparently are bothered by it. (To them: please check Google for items of real concern around the globe.)

At first, local officials apparently told him it wasn't seemly so he would have to tone it down. NewsChannel 13 hurriedly dispatched a news crew to sop up the details. (To them: please check Google for items of real concern around the state.)

Then, reports the Times Union today, "[Kelley] was later told, he said, that there would be a hearing, but the village apparently backed down when the TV station showed up to do a story on the controversy: 'the sign can stay; no public hearing, no need for more modification'.”

What is wrong here? For starters, one more attempt at nanny-state government. The character isn't real, for heaven's sake.  Do you want to require all animals to be fully dressed in human clothing?

Plus, the TU headline calls it a "racy sign." And, its story refers to "a scantily clad, bosomy pig." It's a cartoon character. And, it's a pig! To me, the only offensive part of that is the word "clad."
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