Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chef Duhame moves to Saratoga corporate position

Brady Duhame
When it was revealed last week that Brady Duhame was gone as chef of the restaurant 15 Church in Saratoga Springs, all the usual buzz began. Leaving town? Starting his own place? Etc.

Well, actually none of those. Duhame is staying in town as director of culinary operations for Saratoga Hospitality Group. The company's major venue is Max London’s, but includes Mrs. London's Boutique Bakery, the Saratoga Stadium sports bar, and the pub Gaffney’s. He will oversee food at all four businesses.

The company is owned by Ryan Venezia and Justin Manfro. Both Saratoga Stadium and Gaffney’s were 2017 acquisitions.

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