Monday, June 12, 2017

Historic Village Inn in Lenox draws zero bids at auction

The Village Inn Courtyard (photo provided)
The once-popular Village Inn in the historic Berkshire Mountains community of Lenox ain't so much now. Not a single bidder showed up to offer the required minimum bid of $600,000 when the Massachusetts B&B and restaurant went up for auction.

Although about 40 onlookers showed up on Friday -- and one made a joking  bid of $150,000, according to The Berkshire Eagle -- no serious offers were made for the facility, built in 1771 as a stagecoach stop.

The Village Inn is owned by Billy and Pat Soto, who purchased it for $2.1 million in 2004. Its most recent assessment valued it at $1,840,000, and they put it on the market with an asking price of $1.3 million or best offer.

The auction, which lasted all of a minute, offered a 19,500-square-foot facility that includes 32 lodging rooms and a basement tavern called Rumpys, both operating with a liquor license, 35 private parking spaces, and a currently unused 55-seat restaurant that had been known as Rumplestiltzskin's. Auctioneer Corey Fischer told the small group assembled that the property was being offered "as is, free and clear of taxes" with a required deposit of $25,000, a 5% premium to be paid by the buyer and a proposed closing date of July 24.

A look at the history of the facility shows it converted several years after its construction by farmer John Whitlock as an inn and tavern into residential ownership, but has been operated for guests since 1890, first as the Graham Root Inn, then better known as the Grey House. Since 1970, it has been called the Village Inn.

It is located at 16 Church Street in Lenox. Phone: (413) 637-0021 or (800) 253-0917.
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