Friday, June 16, 2017

Hudson Falls restaurateur once again nailed in pot arrest

Chef Jeff's entrance
From The Post-Star
HUDSON FALLS  -- The operator of a Hudson Falls restaurant was arrested Thursday night after police seized nearly five pounds of marijuana he is accused of possessing, making it the third time in less than four years he was charged with a felony marijuana count.

Alfonso E. “Fons” Santana, 41, was arrested during a multi-agency effort around Hudson Falls to check on those on probation, and have plainclothes officers look for “quality of life” violations in the area. He and his brother [Michael P.] have operated Chef Jeff’s on John Street for years, and he was arrested there on Thursday.
... “We thought the restaurant had been seized so when we saw a light on upstairs, we stopped to check it out,” Hudson Falls Police Detective Scott Gillis said. They quickly noted a smell of marijuana, and when checking around back, found Santana and a woman apparently smoking on a deck in the back.
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  1. Don't the cops have anything better to do than to bust people for owning or selling some weed? I thought we as a society had moved beyond that.

  2. Feel free to contact your representative in the NYS Legislature, and the Office of the Governor, to let them know your opinion. That's where laws are made.