Thursday, June 15, 2017

New head chef hired for Saratoga's 15 Church

Brady Duhame
The busy revolving door that is the Saratoga Springs restaurant scene has spun once more and out popped the restaurant 15 Church.

Brady Duhame, head chef there since shortly after the venue opened about three years ago, is gone. He will be replaced by a New York City chef that owner Paul McCullough declined to name in an interview with the Times Union to make public the changes. McCullough said Duhame's successor will begin cooking at 15 Church par-time in July as a run-up to fulltime work during the thoroughbred racing season.

Duhame was hired to be co-head chef with 15 Church founding chef Jason Baker, but the latter quit just days later. The much-traveled Duhame's resume includes stops at Angelo’s Prime Bar + Grill in Clifton Park; Nix’s Mate in Boston; Picholine,  Bouley Bakery, and Park Avenue CafĂ© in Manhattan, and at Lure at the Winnetu Inn & Resort on Martha’s Vineyard. A little consulting here, a bit of competition cooking there, and I think I've covered most of it.

Oh, there is this tidbit. Back in 2010, Duhame had a notably brief pit stop at the high-profile restaurant Robert in Manhattan's Museum of Arts and Design, departing after just two months over what was termed " a philosophical disagreement."
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