Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunhee's among food projects on Troy Planning agenda

The Troy Restaurant Sunhee's Farm & Kitchen is planning to expand by adding outdoor seating behind its 95-97 Ferry Street venue.

The plan, submitted by Jinah Kim, is on the agenda for Wednesday's 6 p.m. meeting of the City Planning Commission to be held at City Hall, Hedley Building, River Street.

It is one of three food-related plans on the agenda. The others:

• A proposal from Jeff Jackson of Galway to occupy a vacant commercial building at 443 Fifth Avenue with a sports- themed restaurant. The building had at one time been home to Bad Ass  Burrito.

• A proposal from Hussein Logman of Troy to occupy a vacant commercial building at 3001 Sixrh Avenue with a grocery store.The venue formerly was the home of Catholic Charities of Rensselaer.
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