Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New 'Chain Links' postings take over 'Notes On Napkins' list

A new item called "Chain Links," a periodic compilation of links to new stories about restaurant chains, is resonating with my readers. Not only did one of them rank as the most-read "Notes On Napkins" item in June, three others also took top 10 spots.

Here are Nos. 1 through 10 for June. If you missed any of them and are curious, simply click on the links to open them up.

1. Chain Links (June 28)
2. Froyo/waffle shop being developed for Empire State Plaza
3. E-cig ban in NY restaurants, bars appears inevitable
4. Colose stepping away from the daily restaurant grind
5. Chain Links (June 29)
6. Chain Links (June 16)
7. Quintessence to live for another day via cooking class
8. Chef vacancy quickly filled at The Capital Bistro
9. Chain Links (June 22)
10. Openings & Closings & Etc. (June 23)

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