Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Vermont restaurant rising, with new name, from the ashes

The new restaurant (architect's drawing)
• From the Brattleboro (VT) Reformer
NEWFANE, VT -- Raven's Ring is rising out of the ashes of a fire at a well-known and loved establishment on Route 30 {about 39 miles east of Bennington].

Ken Schatra had run the Newfane Cafe and Creamery in the location for about eight years. About three days after the March 2, 2016, fire at the cafe, he received an email from Greg LoPiccolo, a second homeowner. "He lives in the Boston area and wasn't looking for anything but for the cafe to be back in business," Schatra said. "It just so happens that he came into some money, didn't say how, and if he could help in any way he would." ...

[It took three inquiries to get Schatra interested, then] LoPiccolo agreed to buy the building and Schatra could bring back the restaurant. ...  
Go here for the saga of how the project took mon a life of its own, with a lot o community support.
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