Thursday, September 28, 2017

Security breach at Sonic could affect millions of customers

From QSR Magazine
Millions of credit and debit cards could be at risk thanks to an alleged security breach at Sonic Drive-In, according to KrebsOnSecurity. The outlet is reporting that an ongoing breach “may have led to a fire sale on millions of stolen credit and debit card accounts that are now being peddled in shadowy underground cybercrime stores.”

Sonic has about 3,600 locations in 45 states [including Troy and Latham in the Capital Region], with 90% or so representing franchised stores. KrebsOnSecurity was alerted by multiple financial institutions after they noticed a pattern of fraudulent transactions on cards previously used at Sonic. The issue turned out to be a massive one.

The company said it directed several of the banking sources to a batch of about five million credit and debit card accounts that were put up for sale on September 18 in a “credit card theft bazaar” called Joker’s Stash. Two sources who then agreed to purchase a handful of cards from the batch discovered they had all recently been used at Sonic restaurants. It is unclear, however, whether Sonic is the only company involved. The report said it’s likely, although unconfirmed, that the Sonic cards are mixed in with others stolen by the same cyber attackers.
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