Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chain Links

Your connections to the latest news items affecting chains operating in the Greater Capital Region or reported to be looking into locating in the area:

Pizza Hut's new 'Oven Hot Delivery System' is Space Age

Pizza Hut is now using the same material as space blankets, winter jackets, and home insulation to keep pizzas up to 15 degrees hotter than existing boxes during the delivery process.
The brand’s new delivery system contains a pouch made with 3M Thinsulate Insulation thermal technology and a pizza box with crisp sheet inserts.Pizza Hut spent more than two years looking at the entire delivery ecosystem, from the box to the pouch to delivery dispatch at the restaurant. (Click here for more.)

16 Handles partners with Duff Goldman on new flavor

16 Handles has partnered with Food Network personality Duff Goldman to create a limited edition frozen yogurt flavor, Duff’s Chocolate Chip Cake. For a limited time, the frozen yogurt chain also is bringing back its “17th handle,” allowing visitors to twist together Duff’s Chocolate Chip Cake Fro-Yo with a customer favorite called Oh My, Pumpkin Pie. (Click here for more.)

TCBY unveils 3 new flavors for Fall
TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt), the world’s first and largest frozen yogurt brand, has introduced three autumn-inspired flavors including pumpkin, graham cracker and apple pie for the season at locations nationwide. (Click here for more.)

Burger King heats up spicy nuggets battle with Wendy’s

Burger King now is offering spicy chicken nuggets as a move to fill a perceived customer void left by competing chain Wendy’s after it scaled back the product. The brand will offer the nuggets as a limited time offer in 10-piece packs for $1.49 and original chicken nuggets will remain a permanent menu item. Wendy’s has yet to weigh in on the promotion, but sent fans an online post in March explaining their decision to discontinue spicy nuggets in most markets. (Click here for more,)

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