Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cooperstown Cheese Co. ramps up inspections after listeria

From the Oneonta Star
An Otsego County company is promising more-stringent testing after a batch of locally sourced milk led to a positive test for listeria in several of its cheese products and a voluntary recall earlier this month.

According to Sharon Tomaselli, co-owner of the Cooperstown Cheese Company on Route 28 in Milford, the listeria has been traced to a bad batch of milk from a local farm. She said the farm was a temporary provider of milk to her company because of statewide shortages, and business with that farm had already stopped before the outbreak.

Tomaselli said most of the milk her company uses is tested, but now it will shift to testing every batch."With this farm, we tested seven out of 10 batches," she said. "Now we are going to go to 100% testing."

A Cooperstown Cheese Company post on Facebook last week said the company was "mortified" by the recall and would work hard to regain the trust of its customers.

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