Friday, October 6, 2017

Healthy-food restaurant group expanding to Capital Region

A small Syracuse-based restaurant chain is planning on getting bigger, sooner than later.

CoreLife Eatery, a fast casual concept focusing on salads, grain bowls, meats, and bone broth all free of GMO, trans-fats, and artificial ingredients (see menu here), will open three locations in the Capital Region next year, with three more in the planning stages within the next two years.

One location will be in the Latham Farms shopping complex in Latham as part of its 9,000-square-foot expansion. Another is being built in Clifton Park on property in front of the Hannaford supermarket. The Blaze pizza chain will occupy part of the same building. And,  a third will be built in Albany.

Further down the line, the company is eying properties in North Greenbush, Wilton, and Colonie. CoreLife presently has 20 restaurants spread over eight states, but its expansion plan calls for a total of 300 or so venues within the next five years.

The brand began in Syracuse in May 2015. In explaining its operation, it says, "We are all people who have been in the food & restaurant business for a lot of years. We’re as passionate as ever. But, as we all watched things move toward convenience and away from the whole foods that our bodies really need, we saw a 'real' opportunity. What if there were a place that sought out the best foods available and then prepared those foods right there instead of having a truck deliver pre-prepared foods full of all kinds of who-knows what? What if a great bowl of greens & grains could be topped with dressings that were whole carrots and fresh herbs just minutes before? What if we simmered bone broth and vegetable broth every night in each eatery? What if grass-fed steak, all-natural chicken and fresh tofu were being grilled right there too, where the customer could see it?

"Why should it be so hard for someone to find food that tastes really great, without feeling like they have to give up their health to get it? In fact -- what if it actually powered their lives? Those kinds of questions all get answered here. We think that kind of a place is more than a restaurant… that kind of a place is CoreLife!"

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