Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Is restaurant industry 'meathead culture' tottering?

John Besh
From Nation's Restaurant News
News of sexual harassment allegations involving prominent New Orleans restaurateur [and TV personality] John Besh and his company has many in the restaurant industry wondering whether the tide is turning on bad behavior in kitchens.

The allegations were revealed in a New Orleans Times-Picayune report on Saturday. By Monday, Besh had stepped down as CEO of the restaurant group he co-owns, which operates 11 concepts including the celebrated August, Borgne, Dominica and Johnny Sánchez.

Knowing the news was coming, former partner -- and celebrated chef in his own right -- Alon Shaya split with Besh weeks ago, and is fighting for trademark rights to the restaurant Shaya, co-owned by Besh’s group. Harrah’s New Orleans casino cut ties with the group, pledging to rename its Besh Steak location. Local television stations said they would no longer show Besh’s programs.

Celebrity chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain on Twitter called it the beginning of the end of the “institutionalized meathead culture” within the industry.
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