Monday, May 28, 2018

Update: Taking a break from taking a break

UPDATED 5/28/18: After taking a six-month hiatus and receiving well more than 3,000 comments and views after that decision -- and the fact that virtually all the comments were positive -- I've decided to resume Notes On Napkins, but at a less breakneck pace. Thanks for all who showed interest, and please spread the word that I'm back.

(Originally posted 11/4/17)

This blog has lots of visitors, but rarely receives any comments from them. I suspect the reason for the latter is caused by several factors:

1. I don't post "click bait" items meant only to elicit comments.

2. I don't allow snarky and/or personal attacks on others.

3. My readers are the sort who read for information rather than looking for a place to sound off behind a veil of anonymity.

But, there comes a time when other things beckon for my attention, so I'll be taking a break from writing Notes On Napkins for a while -- or until I get a groundswell of reader requests for more of my brand of reportage.

Thanks for reading me.


  1. I enjoy your posts, so please don't go!

  2. I enjoy your posts

  3. So sorry to hear you are stopping, I hope it will be temporary. I have always appreciated your reporting and news style/class. As you stated I read your blog to find facts and relevant industry information which you reported. The fact that you controlled comments cutting others apart was important. I myself am just a reader and I have lived out of the area and country for a few years now. Your blog allowed me to "stay in touch"..... I hope you will reconsider....Thank you for all your past reporting Bill

  4. I really enjoy your blog, and read it often. Don't judge a blog by the number of comments it receives. You should also note that it is a bit harder to enter comments on this platform than it is on other blogs, speaking from a process standpoint. I am always prompted to log in, which isn't always convenient, and I have lost some typed comments through that process that I didn't want to re-type. Your current format helps alleviate some of the trolling that poisons other blogs, but if you want more comments I would look at changing how your commenting platform works.

  5. I repeat what I said on Facebook! Don't let others stop you from providing a well written blog. I know I speak for a lot of readers when I say I look forward to your posts. They are always well written, thought provoking & interesting. There will always be "haters" and people who feel the need to attack because they aren't happy with themselves. Don't let them do that. You taught me that through all of my challenges in my life and I admire you. Keep shining that light! :)

  6. Carlo DeVito writes (via Facebook):

    Very bummed. I read regularly. Always a fan, sir! Enjoy some much well-deserved R&R!

  7. Thanks, Carlo. As I said, I get plenty of visits but virtually no interaction from readers, which is disheartening after all these years. I guess most people prefer a site that lets them jerk others around, and I'm not into that.

  8. I block comments. 90%is junk anyway.

  9. I hear you on the lack of comments. My blog readers aren't always vocal either. But they can be. This is a good case in point.

    The difficulty of posting comments here, was mentioned above. But I think there's another reason why this blog gets fewer comments... many of your readers engage with you and your content via Facebook.

    Count me among those who value your reportage of the local and national food scene without unnecessary drama. Remember, comments are a double edged sword. Or maybe the better advice is to be careful what you wish for.

    Regardless, enjoy some R&R and I'll look forward to your return. Cheers.