Saturday, November 4, 2017

Taking a break

This blog has lots of visitors, but rarely receives any comments from them. I suspect the reason for the latter is caused by several factors:

1. I don't post "click bait" items meant only to elicit comments.

2. I don't allow snarky and/or personal attacks on others.

3. My readers are the sort who read for information rather than looking for a place to sound off behind a veil of anonymity.

But, there comes a time when other things beckon for my attention, so I'll be taking a break from writing Notes On Napkins for a while -- or until I get a groundswell of reader requests for more of my brand of reportage.

Thanks for reading me.


  1. I enjoy your posts, so please don't go!

  2. I enjoy your posts

  3. So sorry to hear you are stopping, I hope it will be temporary. I have always appreciated your reporting and news style/class. As you stated I read your blog to find facts and relevant industry information which you reported. The fact that you controlled comments cutting others apart was important. I myself am just a reader and I have lived out of the area and country for a few years now. Your blog allowed me to "stay in touch"..... I hope you will reconsider....Thank you for all your past reporting Bill

  4. I really enjoy your blog, and read it often. Don't judge a blog by the number of comments it receives. You should also note that it is a bit harder to enter comments on this platform than it is on other blogs, speaking from a process standpoint. I am always prompted to log in, which isn't always convenient, and I have lost some typed comments through that process that I didn't want to re-type. Your current format helps alleviate some of the trolling that poisons other blogs, but if you want more comments I would look at changing how your commenting platform works.