Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Long Island town cracks down on food trucks at wineries

Arrow points to Southold, on Long Island's North Fork.
From the Associated Press
SOUTHOLD --  A Long Island town is looking to prohibit the proliferation of food trucks on a section of the area's winery trail.

Southol has issued a warning to local wineries about the growing presence of food trucks on their properties. The newspaper Newsday reports the town has already started issuing citations, noting the sale of food by the trucks is prohibited by the current code.

Southold Town Board Member Bill Ruland says the concern is retail sales of food are being conducted at wineries that are in residential or agricultural zones, and notes local restaurants and delis have complained about food trucks.

Steve Bate, acting director of the Long Island Wine Council, say the crackdown doesn't make sense and says the town is restricting winery activity.

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