Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Could Binghamton HOTS be coming to the Capital Region?

Have you ever heard of Binghamton HOTS? If not, you eventually may now that it is planning to expand.

The popular Southern Tier fast-casual restaurant has begun working with Emerging Franchises, a franchise development company, to open at least 20 locations over the next dozen years. The company says, "We will target college towns along with many other areas.”

Is the Capital Region a target area for one or more locations with the expansion of this very Upstate concept? Given that it is an Upstate population center with numerous colleges, ranging from the 18,000-student University at Albany to the 2,000-student Columbia-Greene Community College with about two dozen of various sizes in between, it seems a very strong possibility.

Binghamton HOTS was voted one of the 39 most iconic college town restaurants in the nation by USA Today College, and College Magazine ranked it among the 10 best college town burger joints.

It is a decidedly Upstate creation, serving the "HOT Plate," a famous dish that originated in Rochester back in 1918 -- an assortment of cheeseburgers, hot dogs, home fries, macaroni salad, or just about anything else the kitchen can cook up, all topped with a house-made  Rochester-style hot sauce.

"The combinations are only limited by customers creativity, and they can throw in just about anything on the menu," says David Whalen, owner of Binghamton Hots.

The full menu includes, in addition to Hot Plates, hot dogs, burgers, subs, sandwiches, soups, salads, and daily specials.

Binghamton HOTS is located at 128 Washington Street near the Binghamton University Downtown Center. Phone: 607-296-4687.

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  1. I checked out their menu. Sounds a lot more imaginative than a lot of fast-casual places we have in the Cap Region.