Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fish & Game, Peck's Arcade make magazine's top 100 list

For the fourth consecutive year, Fish & Game of Hudson has made Wine Enthusiast magazine's top 100 list of best wine restaurants. It is joined in that elite group by Peck's Arcade of Troy. Here are the magazine's descriptions of the two venues, and comments from its sommeliers. (Click here to see the entire list.)

Fish & Game
13 South 3rd Street, Hudson

This cozy, hearth-based restaurant in an old blacksmith’s shop has been very influential in upstate New York, where thoughtfully farmed ingredients and wines that follow eco-conscious philosophies are increasingly the norm. A recent transition to à la carte dining has further amped up the conviviality factor.

From its sommelier Lila Holland: "People have become so open-minded about food and wine! Our guests this season have been coming in with a really strong spirit of discovery, willing and eager to try types of wine they’ve never had before or pairings that may sound unusual. This gets me so excited to connect with them, gain their trust, and hopefully to witness the moment when someone discovers a new thing to love. On a less philosophical note: Assyrtiko. Domaine Economou’s slightly oxidative Cretan version, is so complex and balanced, with both a richness and singing acidity that are marvelous with our food. I’ve been selling it like crazy."

Peck’s Arcade
217 Broadway, Troy

Peck's Arcade -- as well as the owners’ adjoining wine bar and shop -- has helped turn this craft-beer town into a wine destination. Instead of checking boxes, the bottle list features pours (mostly of the natural wine persuasion) that the owners are excited to talk about, while equally enlivened cuisine encourages sharing.

From its sommelier, Heather LaVine: "With wine I’m excited that we’re finally recognizing that bigger is not always better: small neighborhood wine shops based on relationships with the community, wine lists that focus on quality over quantity, wines that are more about people and places than prices and popularity, and appreciation of low-alcohol, high acid, light-bodied reds. And this ties in with small cities too. It used to be that you had to travel to New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or LA to get a great meal and glass of wine. It feels good to say that those days are over."

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  1. The wine selections at Peck's Arcade are always interesting and mostly affordable, unless you are splurging. Their wineshop is one of the best in the area. I have never been disappointed by a recommendation from Heather or Josh.