Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Opening & Closing & Developing

• The latest reports from the Greater Capital Region on restaurants and food vendor openings, closings and transitions, as well as occasional entries from Vermont, the Berkshires, and the Catskills.


Bel Cibo: An American Bistro, which has had an odd growth line, will end it after service on Sunday, November 18. It began life eight years ago as a specialty store in Schenectady’s Upper Union Street neighborhood before moving downtown to 96 Jay Street opposite City Hall as a restaurant in 2015. A fire that damaged multip0le buildings that year forced closure for nearly a year, and business has suffered since then. A lengthy Facebook announcement from co-owner Jeanette Massaro explains the move: "Unfortunately, business has slowed down significantly, almost to a complete stop honestly, we aren't sure why, but it has, so much so that we can no longer operate fiscally. We kept hoping that things would pick up, but it's only gotten slower. I'm not sure how we failed or how we couldn't keep you all returning,. ... After the fire, we suffered such a great financial loss that we had nothing to fall back on during the lean times, so now our journey with you come to an end, but as saddened as I am, my heart is full knowing I gave it my all." Until closing, Bel Cibo will serve lunch Tuesday and Wednesday, lunch and dinner Thursday through Saturday, and Sunday brunch, closed Monday. Phone: 518-631-9683.


The Dale Boca food truck is a familiar sight around the Winooski, VT, area. Later this month, owners Leandro Bustos and Lorena Neironi plan to expand their business by opening a bricks-and-mortar restaurant called Dale Boca Argentinean Grill at 215 Main Street. That small space had been home to Pho Dang Vietnamese Café which moved a quarter-mile northeast to 348 Main Street. The restaurant menu will build on the food truck's offerings, with such items as empanadas; sandwiches such as the Milanesa, that cradles thin-sliced beef, breaded and fried, and tangy, herb-laced chimichurri; beef kidneys over rice; dark beef stew over cheesy grits; Argentinean asado -- wood-grilled meats and vegetables served with salads, potatoes and sauces; and, of course, barbecue to feature Argentinian beef.


• The City of Glens Falls has been looking for a successor to the Price Chopper store that Golub Corporation closed at 76 Cooper Street in July 2017. But meanwhile, it still is battling Golub over a 2013 lawsuit demanding a tax assessment reduction of more than $1 million. In the suit, Golub asked for a reduction from $1,114,700 to $111,470. Golub's lawyers also challenged the tax assessment every year through 2018, alleging the property was assessed disproportionately higher than other similar properties in the city, according to court documents. Both parties are preparing for trial. The property is listed for sale for $1,350,000 with Vanguard-Fine LLC. EDC Warren County President Edward Bartholomew told the Post-Star there have been approximately 15 inquiries about the property since it went on the market. “We’ve been talking to a couple of potentially interested parties, but nothing recently,” he said. The city’s priority is to get some type of grocery store in that area, according to Bartholomew.

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