Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Irish bar-that-never-was putting it all up for auction

GUILDERLAND -- Well, at least they didn't overpromise.

As I reported 13 months ago, "A unit of the small Waxy's Modern Irish Bar chain (nine locations with three supposedly in development) was promised at Crossgates Mall in Guilderland by spring [of 2017]. While the corporate website still lists it as in  development, the Crossgates online directory makes no mention of it among its 'coming soon' food-and-beverage establishments."

That probably was a good thing, because the place never opened. And now, everything in the partially-completed venue at Crossgates is up for auction, according to the Times Union. The paper says the auction is "by order of a creditor, as are furniture, fixtures and more from a Kingston, MA, Waxy’s; both are being handled by the local Collar City Auctions. Among the lots are 48 bar chairs and many tables; HVAC, kitchen ventilation and electrical infrastructure; lighting; and 17 25-pound bags of grout and 48 50-pound bags of cement. The auction closes Friday."

What's up with the restaurant group? Hard to tell, except it apparently isn't good. Its website is woefully outdated (it still promises it is opening two new locations -- in 2015!) The phone at its Florida headquarters isn't in service, although a couple of its remaining venues remain open. But, it probably doesn't matter one way or the other since it is doubtful we'll ever hear the name Waxy's in this market again.

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