Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Things are off balance at Catskill restaurant

The troubled restaurant, A Taste of Catskill Cafe (photo provided)
CATSKILL -- As she does most days, owner Kathleen Passaro opened the doors of A Taste of Catskill Cafe and began serving the regular crowd.

She'd like to continue doing that, but is anticipating doing it at a location other than 395 Main Street which, she had said on Facebook, had been sold.

Her original Facebook note: "Dear all our loyal customers ... if you have any gift certificates for us please use them as soon as possible. Our building has been sold out from under us and we will be leaving the area. Unfortunately we heard through the grapevine instead of being told upfront like should happen in good business form. However it has been confirmed to be true. I do not know exactly when we will be leaving but it won’t be long."

However, her latest post said, "Soooo it seems all might not be lost. We are in negotiations with our landlord for a possible new location. It’s been sleepless nights and tears but there were some hugs and kisses today."

Passaro confirmed to she has begun looking around for potential new locations, and said the restaurant meanwhile will remain in operation as long as possible. She took over what had been named Natalie's Nook four years ago. She formerly owned the Firehouse Tavern on Main Street, where New York Restaurant now stands. The Firehouse Tavern closed in 2007.

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