Friday, February 8, 2019

Bud Lite a dilly-dilly batch of silly-silly twaddle

A still shot from the Bud Lite commercials.
Anyone who saw the Bud Lite ads during the Super Bowl poke fun at competitors who use corn syrup in their brewing process could come to a single conclusion: corn syrup bad.

However, after a lot of immediate industry blowback, the makers of Bud Lite (who use the nonsense catch-phrase "Dilly, dilly!" in their entertaining ads) quickly backtracked.

The ads showed the ubiquitous king from the current ad campaign and his cohorts traveling from neighboring kingdom to neighboring kingdom trying to get rid of barrels of corn syrup mistakenly delivered to the kingdom where Bud Lite is the only royally-sanctioned beverage.

A press e-mail from a Bud Light spokesperson says, “To be clear, we are not saying corn syrup is bad, we just don’t use it in Bud Light,” the email said. “It’s a less expensive ingredient and we think a quality light lager only should include the best ingredients.”

OK, so that damning-by-inference message was, while entertaining, fake news. Way to go, Anheuser-Busch InBev, parent company of Bud Lite. You let your perceived cleverness and your PR cronies put you into a box, one that should be shipped out to some medieval kingdom where entertainment tops truth and straightforward marketing.


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