Sunday, February 19, 2017

Berkshires town gets Philly cheese steak from a Philly chef

Xavier Jones at the grill ( photo)
ADAMS, MA -- Bigg Daddy's Philly Steak House brings a little piece of Philadelphia to Berkshire County with a list of inspired steaks, hoagies, burgers and wings. Philadelphia native Xavier Jones said he wanted to bring something special to the area, something natives may have never really experienced in its true form.

"You go to Subway and they put this precooked processed meat on and they toast the bun and there are other places that are just steak and cheese," Jones said. "People travel from all over the world to go get a Philly cheese steak, why not bring Philly cheese steak to the mecca of New England."

The chef has been in the area for some time, involved in restaurants up and down the county as well as other parts of Western Massachusetts. ... He was driving through Adams and couldn't find a place to eat and felt a Philly cheese steak restaurant was just what the town needed. Once he found the 85 Commercial Street location next to the Viking Pub, he realized it was the perfect fit for what he wanted to do.

"I looked at a bunch of places but this right here seemed perfect. I came up and looked at it and studied it and found that this was the perfect spot to do take out delivery," he said. "Plus it was a triple threat: takeout, delivery and the Viking Pub. Our food is served right in the pub."
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