Thursday, February 9, 2017

Panera to be part of Country Grove Inn successor structure

This is what the site will look like.
This is the condition it fell into.
Work is under way on the latest incarnation of 16 North Greenbush Road (Route 4), a plot of land opposite Hudson Valley Community College.

What had long been the location of an iconic family home and then a country inn and then devolved into a dilapidated eyesore is becoming home to a new building that will, in part, be home to a Panera Bread restaurant.

Owners Michael and Judith Filuta closed The County Grove Inn, long a local favorite for HVCC denizens as well as other locals, at the beginning of 2009, and potential redevelopment projects have come and gone since then.

The Panera restaurant will be one of the tenants in the new 36,000-square-foot, two-story mixed-use building scheduled for a spring debut. The 1797 structure there that began as a Vandenberg family home was deemed too far gone, and artifacts from the site were removed and given to the Albany County Historical Association. It was demolished in December.

When the project received approval for developer David Mulinio, also the developer of the nearby North Greenbush Commons on North Greenbush Road, Town Planning Board Chairperson Mark Lacivita said, “It’s unfortunate that the Grove has to be removed, but that’s really kind of a done deal, so to speak. It’s already gone. It’s collapsed.”

The Panera Bread chain has numerous Capital Region locations, including one less than four miles down North Greenbush Road.

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