Thursday, March 2, 2017

Update: Upstate being considered for Papaya King expansion

UPDATE  (3/2/17): Well, it's not a definite for the Capital Region, but ... In response to my query about expanding here, Wayne Rosenbaum, speaking on behalf of Papaya King, told me, "We will be expanding to areas with qualified franchisees. We will, of course, explore Upstate NY."

(Originally published 3/1/17)

Papaya King, the small but iconic New York City hot dog-and-tropical-drink restaurant group, is expanding.

The company, founded in 1932 by Gus Poulos as a fresh fruit juice bar before eventually adding casual food, is in the process of preparing to sell franchises across the country. In addition to its three New York City locations it also has one in Las Vegas and a second in development there. The franchises will be in addition to those locations.

Over the years, Papaya King has been a regular haunt for celebrities, and the late Julia Child said it served the “best hot dogs in New York.” 

“We’re excited to start franchising and can’t wait to share New York’s finest hot dog with the rest of America,” says company president Wayne Rosenbaum. “It’s a big deal to introduce such a vital part of New York City to people who’ve never had it before."

Papaya King is working with a company called Fransmart that sets up franchise opportunities and has been behind the expansion of such chains as Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I have a message in to Papaya King asking about any plans for Upstate New York. If I receive an answer I'll share it with you.

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