Monday, May 1, 2017

Entrepreneurs whiff with Donna's, successor to Minnisale's

Vic Christopher and Heather LaVine don't strike out very often, but when the Troy entrepreneurs do they know when to pull the plug. Case in point: Donna's, the Italian restaurant they opened in less than six months ago, is being taken off life support.

The successor to the decades-old Minnisale's Wine Cellar Cafe will close after service on Saturday, May 13. The couple say they are losing $1,000 a month on the restaurant, located just off the RPI campus on 14th Street. One of the problems was failure to close on purchase of the building from the Minnisale family. In their history of resuscitating long-run Troy businesses -- The Bradley -- or creating new ones -- the Lucas Confectionery Wine Bar, the Peck's Arcade restaurant, etc. -- Christopher and LaVine have been sure to purchase the buildings.

In a refreshingly candid Q&A with the Times Union, Christopher said, "I’m supposedly a real estate guy, but I couldn’t close the deal on the property. I’m not blaming anybody but myself.”

Go here for the full interview.

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