Friday, June 16, 2017

Maybe soon no soup for you, or anyone else

Actor Larry Thomas as the 'Soup Nazi'

• From QSR Magazine
The New York City food company made popular by the Seinfeld TV series has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Soupman, the soup producer and marketer, filed this week ... though the company says it has secured a new $2 million bankruptcy loan to finance its working capital needs and allow business operations to continue as usual. ...The bankruptcy filing comes after the company’s former CFO Robert Bertrand was charged last month with 20 counts of failing to pay federal income taxes, Medicare, and Social Security for Soupman’s employees between 2010 and 2014. He has pleaded not guilty. ...
Al Yeganeh, who inspired the “Soup Nazi” character played by actor Larry Thomas on the "Seinfeld" television series [whose terse line to would-be customers he didn't like was "No  soup for you"], opened his soup store in 1984, and the company now licenses his recipes and persona for restaurant locations, supermarket, and online sales. 
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