Friday, July 21, 2017

State senator big spender on Albany, NYC food

Sen. Jeff Klein
From The New York Post
State Sen. Jeff Klein, who heads the Independent Democratic Conference, spent $144,071 from his campaign account over the last six months, and $40,000 went for food.

Klein charged equally for the big -- like a $27,743 tab at the steakhouse in Yankee Stadium for a fundraiser – and the small, including $4.41 at Dunkin Donuts for a “breakfast meeting.” The slim and trim Klein spent $848.48 at the Savoy restaurant in Albany, listed as a “conference dinner.”

There also were multiple visits to Enzo’s and Patricia’s in The Bronx and Paesan’s in Albany, which he billed as dinner out with “staff.” When Klein paid $115.25 out of his own pocket, he still asked the campaign on April 29 to pay him back under the cloak of “food reimbursement.”
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