Monday, October 15, 2018

'Cat cafe' under development in South Troy

TROY -- Some time ago, I made mention of a "cat cafe" in Dutchess County. Never having visited such an enterprise, I wondered what it was all about. Well, I'll apparently find out if a Troy project comes to fruition.

As reported today on the Times Union Table Hopping blog:

"A co-working space and future cafe called Meong Cat Lounge is being developed for a projected spring opening at 348 Second Street in South Troy. The building, presently with two residential units, is being renovated to make the first-floor space a co-working lounge that will be home to up to a dozen cats from partner shelters and rescue organizations, according to the owners, the husband-and-wife team of Astra Wijaya and Sindy Limin, who are digital artists and also own the building and live upstairs."

There would be a facilitator for cat adoptions, with a separate room for purchase of food, beverages and cat-related merchandise.


  1. I’ve seen cat cafes on “My Cat From Hell,”. I’m excited to see one coming to the neighborhood!

  2. Guess I sat on my idea for 4 years too long. I saw Troy and it's fake-hipster wannabes as a place ripe for this kind of business. Live and learn.