2 Vermont fine dining spots on 'Good Food 100 Restaurants' list


Two Vermont fine dining category establishments made the Good Food Media Network's annual list of 100 best restaurants just released today. No restaurants in neighboring Upstate New York or neighboring Massachusetts' Berkshires region made the cut.

The two Green Mountain State restaurants are the Hotel Vermont, located in Burlington's CityPlace complex at 41 Cherry Street, and the Inn at Shelburne Farms, located at 99 Inn Road in Shelburne.

The list, officially titled the "2020 Good Food 100 Restaurants List and Industry Impact Report," is created using voluntary survey responses from restaurants around the country that offers insight into the business and purchasing practices of chefs and restaurants and their commitment to good food and sustainable sourcing in the previous year.

“Restaurants are the heart and soul of our communities, and the backbone of our local and regional economy," said Sara Brito, co-founder and president, Good Food Media Network. "While 2020 brought with it an unprecedented pandemic and set of challenges, it also made many more people realize that we're all connected. No one link in the economy and food chain can truly be healthy until every link in the economy and food chain is healthy.”

The analysis was conducted by the Business Research Division (BRD) of the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder.


  1. Kevin P. Everleth via Facebook: "Hen of the Wood is right next door to Hotel Vermont. Best restaurant in the state. Inn at Shelburne Farms is a gorgeous spot."


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